Vinegar Cures - The Natural Remedies Of Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar is one of the unrealized common household tools available that most people tend not to consider when searching for natural remedies. Vinegar uses is so wide ranging, most people would be amazed at the possibilities when using vinegar. Although many have known of the helpful abilities of vinegar for hundreds of year, it’s popularity as a household tool used in natural home remedies has grown exponentially over the last few years as more access the Internet for alternative choices to pharmaceuticals and chemicals containing harsh or dangerous ingredients.

Everyone knows how irritating insects bites can be and vinegar can help eliminates the side effects of an insect bite. All you need to do is place a small amount of white distilled vinegar on a cotton ball and rub the insect bite and relief is immediate. Using vinegar cures for sunburn is another use for vinegar. By using vinegar several times daily on a sunburn we can help reduce the amount of pain associated with over exposure to the sun.

Did you know vinegar can be used as an antiseptic? If you have a cut or maybe your child has scraped his knee while riding his bicycle. Dab a little distilled white vinegar on and you have effectively killed thousands of infection producing bacteria within the cut or scrape. You can also you vinegar for any number of sanitizing purpose. Simply drop nail clippers, hair brushes, combs, foot files, cuticle cutters, scissors or just about any type of tool which is used for human grooming into a vinegar solution and you have eliminated thousands of germs that thrive on such items.

Got bags under your eyes or puffy eyes? White distilled vinegar is excellent skin tightener, helping to tone skin and give it a smoother appearance. Many men have sensitive skin which is easily irritated and becomes itchy after shaving. Simply rub in a bit of vinegar and instantly soothe shaving rash and itching while also smoothing the skin. Some people with freckles on the body (trunk, arms and legs) have reported excellent in reducing and lightning freckles. You won’t know unless you try,,,,If you have freckles, give vinegar a shot!

Alcohol in mouthwash can be a bit rough for some people, however bad breath is socially a worse alternative. Using vinegar as mouthwash can help decrease the amount of bad breath bacteria residing inside the mouth. Women know how aggravating it can be when their nail polish begins to chip and come off. Vinegar and it’s natural properties help nail polish last longer when the nails are rubbed down with vinegar and allowed to dry before polishing the nails. If you go to a professional, helping your polish last longer can help save money by retaining the polish longer making visits to the manicurist less frequent.

There are many more reasons to utilize vinegar, especially around the house. Natural remedies of vinegar treatment help to make household chores much easier. Women understand when hems sometimes need to be taken out of garments. However, taking out the hem leaves little holes where the previous hem once was. By ironing the garment and first dabbing on a little white distilled vinegar the former hemline holes disappear. Have a all cotton shirt which is retaining an unpleasant order? Sprinkle it with a bit of vinegar and you know have a fresh smelling shirt using a simple natural vinegar treatment.
Tobacco smoke can be an unpleasant smell to have in your jacket or coats after a night on the town. Here is a neat trick to remove tobacco smoke: Run hot bath water, add a couple of cups of household white vinegar and hang up the jacket or coat on the shower curtain rod or using a hanger, hang the garment on the towel rack and let the purifying effects of vinegar steam those pesky tobacco odors out of your jacket or coat.

Did you forget about that wedding or formal event and haven’t the time for a shoeshine? Help is a near as the kitchen pantry. Grab some vinegar and wipe down those dress shoes and they will be shining like new and you are off!! Many already know this one but is worth covering again. Vinegar placed in your iron can clean the insides of mineral deposit build up, returning the spray spout to proper working order. Lint is a pesky problem when washing and drying clothes. By adding a bit of vinegar to your wash, lint is less likely to cling to clothes producing a lint-free wash!

As you can see, the useful properties of distilled white vinegar are endless. So the next time you are searching for natural remedies, natural vinegar cures may be just what the doctor ordered. Read more below!

The healing abilities of vinegar cures and vinegar treatment have been known for thousands of years, although in the modern age of pharmaceuticals we have lost sight of the natural benefits associated with items we use everyday, including vinegar. Fortunately, more and more people are rediscovering the benefits of using natural remedies rather than modern sulphur based drugs that often have adverse side-effects.

How Is Vinegar Made

Vinegar is made from fruits or any naturally occurring plant that contains sugar in a two step process. The first process is called fermentation when yeast changes sugars into alcohol and the second process occurs when bacteria changes the alcohol into acid.

The Different Types Of Vinegar

As we already know, vinegar can be made from anything containing sugar. Vinegars are geographical in nature depending mostly on the types of fruits naturally occurring in the local area. However some common types of vinegar include white distilled, wine vinegars both red and white, cider, sugar cane, malt and balsamic vinegars.

The Health Benefits And Uses Of Vinegar As A Cure

In his extraordinary new book, The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle, Ray Collins has compiled material together and provided a guide on the use of natural remedies to cure many everyday problems.

Vinegar can be used to control weight with it's excellent fat burning characteristics. Mr. Collins provides the recipe in his book to help get you on the road maintain a proper weight feeling better.

It is well known that dust and other substances in the home are common causes of allergies that affect millions of people everyday. In his book, Mr. Collins outline twelve ways to clean your home using vinegar and other natural ingredients to reduce allergy symptoms.

People that suffer from chronic coughing or cough associated with colds and flu can use Mr. Collins recipe to alleviate and control coughing with out the expensive price tag of over the counter or prescription medicines.

Diabetics can help control blood sugar following the guidelines for making a wonderful dressing using vinegar.

These are just a few of the highlighted recipes that are available in Mr. Collins new book using vinegar cures and treatment. You will also learn how you can heal wounds, make your own antiseptics that have been used since Rome was the greatest empire on earth. Learn how to fight infection and boost your energy levels.

Learn how to control and cure headaches, blood pressure, painful stomach, burns, fungal infections and asthma using natural remedies provided in Mr. Collins revolutionary new book.

You too can be on your way to optimal health using vinegar cures and vinegar treatment. Learn more about Mr. Collins amazing new book by visiting his website:

The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle


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